In Love With Blue & White

Dear Petit Collectors

The timeless palette of blue and white
how it always takes me back as a child
watching my Mum taking lovingly care of
her beloved blue and white collection.
Arranging and displaying each piece
to be admired and enjoyed by her and her visitors.
I remember each shelve of the dark mahogany dresser in the dining room
filled with pieces chosen carefully by her fine eye.

Today I am very lucky to be the carer of Mum’s beautiful collection.
It is now displayed in the kitchen.

Everywhere in my home you will find
touches of classic blue and white decor.
Even my miniature Schnauzer Waldo enjoys all his meals
from custom made blue and white Indigo Home bowls handmade by Dana!

My love for blue and white decor is also showcased in my miniature collection.
My collection features blue and white pieces by Pam Jones
and the rest of the room is adorned with
Masako Sharra furniture, a Lisa Johnson-Richards doll and a Charles Johnson painting.

Over the years we have all admired the talents of artisans like
Jack Cashmere, Muriel Hopwood, Henny Staring-Egberts and Stokesay Ware –
creating the finest in blue and white.

Petit Connoisseurs often offers blue and white ornaments to be purchased.
Do you still remember our 2014 Blue & White Collection?

Who can forget last week’s newsletter with
Cindy Lotter’s striking watercolour of the blue and white vase filled with red roses?

Petit Connoisseurs is fortunate to showcase
the talents of two South African miniature artisans
that both create such wonderful blue and white pieces.
I have great admiration for their work.

I am so happy to announce that I have just added
their latest collections to Petit Connoisseurs.

How about a quick glimpse of what you can expect to see?

The talent of Elmarie Wood-Callander

The talent of Pam Jones

I would like to invite you to view their new work in our New Arrivals section.
We also feature a new Anna Braun teddy
as well as a new Roderick Constant 18th Century side table in this collection.

Thank you for your continued support here and on our facebook and Pinterest pages.
Remember to also follow me on Instagram
where you can see my daily beautiful inspirations.

Have a happy weekend with your miniatures.

Kind Regards
– Francois –

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Celebrating Our 5th Birthday!

We are celebrating our Fifth Birthday this month!
Come and join in our celebration with a special discount gift.

Thank you for your loyal support.

Kind Regards
– Francois –

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Announcing The Winner of our Mother’s Day Giveaway!

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Celebrating Mother’s Day at PETIT CONNOISSEURS

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A Treat for Mother’s Day With Love from Anna Braun

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Happy Easter

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Just Arrived – Our Easter Collection for 2015

Visit our online boutique and view all the New Arrivals.

Happy Easter from Petit Connoisseurs.

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Isabella’s Visit – Part II

Welcome back to the second part of Isabella’s magical visit
to her favourite shop called Teddies.

When you arrive at Teddies, it is Emma who gives you the warmest of welcome’s.
Her eye contact is kind and gentle
every time when you walked through Teddies’ doors
She is also a proprietor with pure heart and soul.
Her love for this shop is seen in every curated item and display.

Look at all the special little things on Emma’s desk…

…and here are Emma’s favourite things in the shop…

…as well as her most special weekly little visitor Isabella.

Isabella loves teddies.
She even brings her most trusted teddy friend with her on each visit.

Before Isabella heads home again, she will read a story
to all the wonderful toys in Teddies…

Before we leave this magical little shop,
let us have a look around.

A last glance…

“till next time Isabella…


I would like to say thank you to
each artisan for their wonderful work
who made my dream possible.

First of all I think of the artist names of the little teddies
my mother collected in a shoe box
with the idea of having them one day
displayed in a tiny corner shop
she thought of calling Rosy Bear.

Mary Buers
Valerie Casson
Helen Davies
Eric Horne
Susan Lee
Lisa Lloyd
Karen Markland
Anita Oliver
Carol Stewart
Swaggy Bears

and a few others who’s names I cannot even remember now.

My mother Martie had great admiration for these artisans
and collected their art over a period of almost 15 years.
I am very lucky that I could now add these treasures to my collection.

Secondly I would like to mention the following artisans
who made the most wonderful things for me:

My Father Jan

Anna Braun
Lisa Johnson-Richards
Cindy Lotter
Marie Petrik
Muriel Roche
Jenny Tomkins

and everyone else for all the details I could add.

THANK YOU to all of you.

Now for a “behind the scenes” photo.
Here I am busy framing a set of little prints
in hand gilded frames…
the ones you saw on the wall in Isabella’s Visit – Part I.

I had a very lovely email from one of my clients this week
after she read the first part of Isabella’s Visit.
I would like to share the following part with all of you:

Looking forward to Isabellas next visit to the Teddy Shop, the little doll reminds me
of my daughter, I think are about the same age? 5 years? same name and same
fascination for toys and teddies : )

“Till we meet again.
My Best Wishes & Kindest Regards
– Francois –

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Isabella’s Visit – Part I

Every week on a Friday afternoon, Isabella visits a little shop in London.
She always stays for an hour or two but her time spent there feels like forever.
The shop is filled with beauty, happiness and innocence.
Hidden away from those who do not believe in magic
but always open to the ones who believe and treasure the memories of childhood.

Let’s go with Isabella this week –
marvel at the windows and
see the inside of the little shop through her eyes.


Where does one start to look first? Which window do your feast your eyes on first?

Let’s go a little bit closer…

Memories of a once upon a time tale…

One can stand here and admire them for hours!

Memories of window shopping and making wish lists…

Special birthday gifts…

Or writing to Santa…

Memories of old and dear friends…

…and holidays with the sun that never stopped to smile on us…

Happy Memories.

Memories of sitting under the candy striped big top…

Endless hours at the fun fair…

We cannot wait anymore to go inside!


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A Holiday Wish from Francois

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