Isabella’s Visit – Part I

Every week on a Friday afternoon, Isabella visits a little shop in London.
She always stays for an hour or two but her time spent there feels like forever.
The shop is filled with beauty, happiness and innocence.
Hidden away from those who do not believe in magic
but always open to the ones who believe and treasure the memories of childhood.

Let’s go with Isabella this week –
marvel at the windows and
see the inside of the little shop through her eyes.


Where does one start to look first? Which window do your feast your eyes on first?

Let’s go a little bit closer…

Memories of a once upon a time tale…

One can stand here and admire them for hours!

Memories of window shopping and making wish lists…

Special birthday gifts…

Or writing to Santa…

Memories of old and dear friends…

…and holidays with the sun that never stopped to smile on us…

Happy Memories.

Memories of sitting under the candy striped big top…

Endless hours at the fun fair…

We cannot wait anymore to go inside!


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8 Responses to Isabella’s Visit – Part I

  1. Francois, what a beautiful post, your collection is exquisite and your photography skills are incredible… thank you for sharing x

  2. Megan says:

    Ah how lovely! All my favourite things. Can’t wait to see where Isabella goes next time.

  3. Anna Stoykova says:

    Dear Francois,
    This is one amazing blog post. I just love it. It’s a pleasure to see your beautiful collection – they all are so adorable. I’m looking forward to the next part. xxx

  4. Terry says:

    Excellent Francois! I’m transported back to my childhood going shopping into a world of fascination. Enticing and beautifully displayed!

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