We Proudly Present The Talent of Anna Braun as part of Our Christmas Collection for 2014

Anna Braun’s little teddies and friends have given us so much joy over the past few years.
They are collected and admired all across the globe.
All her fans know that her adorable creations just never disappoint.

They are pieces of art handmade to perfection.
Anna designs and creates them with so much LOVE –
something you realise every time when you hold one in your hand –
no matter if it is for the first or the second time.

Each little teddy or his or her friend is fully jointed and every tiny stitch is carefully finished.
Anna’s dressed teddies, bunnies and friends
wear the most finely knitted jerseys or collars
all made by Anna too.

Anna’s collectible little treasures will become heirlooms for generations to come.

I would like to invite you to view her new collection
that has just arrived in time for Christmas.
I promise you, you will fall in love
with their faces filled with so much character.

Here you can catch a glimpse of them in the company of our sweet little mascot
Molly created and dressed by Lisa Johnson-Richards.

Visit our New Products page
or click on Anna Braun to enjoy her portfolio of past and present work.

Kindest Regards
– Francois –

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Presenting Our Christmas Collection for 2014

Dear Petit Friends & Customers

I would like to invite each and everyone of you
to visit our online boutique today
for the launch of our annual Christmas Collection.

Many of your favourite artisans’ work are showcased this year:
Roz Crouch, Jacques Andre Human, Pam Jones,
Cindy Lotter, Jenny Tomkins & Elmarie Wood-Callander,
Look out for little Molly – our adorable mascot created by Lisa Johnson-Richards.
Click on the New Products category to enjoy their new creations.

Thank you for your kind words on our Facebook page
as well as every email message and continued support throughout the past year.

With every good wish
– Francois –
Petit Connoisseurs
Miniatures Made to Treasure

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Good News from The Postman

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Tea with Mary

Everytime when I look at this photograph of Julie Andrews and Walt Disney seen here
on the set of Walt’s beloved movie adaption of Mary Poppins,
it reminds me of two things;

How we too as miniature collectors and artists
create imaginary worlds like Walt did.
The house we would have love to have lived in.
The shop we would have loved to own.
The creation of a scene from a favourite book or movie.

Dreaming in miniature has endless possiblities.
It keeps our imagination alive.
It is well known that Walt himself had a miniature collection.

The magical quality of this photograph
also reminds me of Walt Disney’s journey to get
P. L. Travers’ Mary Poppins to fly from the pages of her book to celluloid adornment.
A few months ago we watched this story unfold in the movie Saving Mr. Banks.

I knew Mickey Mouse from early childhood and with the years
I started to read up more and more on the life of his creator.

Twenty four years ago I decided to create a shop in miniature
to celebrate the dreams and hopes that Walt Disney gave us.
Since then I have been collecting and putting the little dream together.
Although I have never been to a Disney theme park
the power of imagination made it possible in miniature.

Early on I had the idea that a little girl will be waking up from her dream and
she will be inside the shop on the day that there is a visit from Mary Poppins.
A few years ago I came across a doll called Molly
and when I saw her I knew she will be the girl visiting my Disney shop.

Molly was created by Lisa Johnson-Richards.

Come along with Molly and discover Disney’s
and enjoy a cup of tea with Mary Poppins.

Outside Disney’s Molly comes across a display of toys from the shop
celebrating the arrival of the special guest at the tea party.

Both the sorcerer’s apprentice and Pluto were made by Anna Stoykova.

Alice was made by Diane Yunnie and Winnie the Pooh by Anna Braun.

A little bit of window shopping…

Read all about it!
Front page news on the arrival of Disney’s special guest…

The magic of the snow globe invites another guest.

Someone is calling Molly’s name…

Look who it is!

I asked Lisa Johnson-Richards to make the iconic bird lady from Mary Poppins
selling flowers outside Disney’s.

A special rose for Molly.

“Winds from the east… Mist comin’ in… Like something’s a brewin’, about to begin…
Can’t put me finger on what lies in store…
But I feel what’s to ‘appen, all ‘appened before…!”
– Bert in Mary Poppins.

It was also magical day when my MP doll arrived from across the pond.
A dream of a few years came true.
Mary Poppins at Disney’s.
Doll artist Lisa Johnson-Richards brought her to life in exquisite miniature detail.

Seen in the background is the Mary Poppins costume sketch, ca 1963.

Tea with Mary.

Pinocchio was made by Anna Stoykova.

Even Jiminy Cricket is here!

Mrs. Potts was made by Valerie Casson.
Table and chairs by Jason Getzan.

A dream come true for Molly.

Time for some photographs to remember this Jolly Holiday day.

“Goodbye, Mary Poppins, don’t stay away too long.”
– Bert in Mary Poppins

The Stars of Tea with Mary.

Thank you for your visit and I hope to see you soon.
With Kindest Regards
– Francois –

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Coming Soon

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Dear Little One, with Love

A few days ago a beautiful photo arrived in my inbox from my lovely customer Melissa.
The photo did not only showcase fine handmade miniature items
but it also told me a story of a collection
that has been carefully and lovingly built over time.
By somebody that has the purest love
for our wonderful world of dollhouse miniatures.

I immediately emailed Melissa back to ask:
Please may I share your precious collection
on my Petit Blog for everyone to admire and enjoy.

An email filled with only happy words popped back from Melissa.
Within it she gave the green light to tell you the story of her nursery room.
I just could not wait to begin this blog post.
I asked her to send me some more photographs.
When they arrived yesterday in my inbox,
I could not stop looking at them.
Melissa captured every tiny detail with such atmosphere.

Melissa sent me a dozen or so very pretty photo’s.
A good selection for you to choose from, she wrote.
Well Melissa, I just could not choose only a few –
I had to publish them all!
I would like everyone to come back and visit as much as they want to,
to enjoy your photo’s like a memory lane stroll
through a photo album time and time again.

Dear Petit Friends
I would like to invite you to discover
Melissa’s Nursery Room – A beautiful safe haven in miniature.

Melissa’s email message to me
arrived like a happy travel partner sitting next to her first photo :
Hi Francois! I am so happy you liked it!
And honoured that you want to make a blog post.
I really made this nursery box for my little toy collection from Petit!
They make the nursery so much alive!
I got a lot of inspiration from your blog too!
The soft colors and all the toys!
Thank you so much for your interests in my roombox,
looking forward to keep adding things from petit : )
Best wishes, Melissa

The talents of Jenny Tomkins and Anna Braun
two lovely and very talented ladies.
I can only admire their adorable toys.

Artistry and perfection – Anna Braun‘s little bears and bunnies.

Two of Anna Braun‘s little sweethearts.

Smiles all the way for this little group by Jenny Tomkins.

The baby girl dress was made by Andre Green.

My most favourite photo by Melissa.

The exquisite christening dress was made by Leonie Fourie from Laura Lai Designs.
Jenny Tomkins made the bunny.

The fine furniture and other beautiful items in Melissa’s nursery room were made by
Karen Markland, Tarbena (Alan Barnes), Lyndel Smith, the Robersons and Junko Fujinamo.

If you would like to share your collection with us,
you are most welcome to email me
with a selection of your photo’s and tell us a little more about your collection.
We would love to see them and share them with our blog readers.

‘Till we meet again.
With Every Good Wish
– Francois –

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A Sparkle of Stardust – Introducing The First Guests Attending The Christening at Peacock Park

Dear Petit Followers

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year!
Thank you as always for taking the time out of your day to
spend it here and hopefully taking a well deserved break at the same time.
I am so lucky for something as beautiful as a blog
where I can share my love of miniatures in your good company.
Each time it feels like sending a few picture perfect post cards all at the same time.

I always thought the video machine from not so long ago was my most favourite invention
but the birth of the internet is just a great wonder to me.
I too miss the days of writing and sending lovely letters sharing all our news
but is it not just incredible how the art of technology
has brought us miniaturists so much closer to each other through the internet?
As here on the blog where I can share my collection and Petit news with you
where you are either relaxing at home or enjoying a special cup of tea in a coffee shop,
no matter if your address code says Australia or Sweden.

Yes, as with everything else in life, this new cocoon of communication
also mirrors the human beings darker side but that’s not what we here for.
You and I follow a dozen or two blogs
or dream on Pinterest
or make daily visits to facebook
just to be in our ‘Happy Place’.
To enjoy and appreciate and share the wonderful art of miniatures.

So before I bring you up to date with the progress of my dollhouse Peacock Park,
let me say that my wish for each and everyone
is a year filled with lots of love and happiness.

Every day I am reminded of this – Love, Happiness and especially Loyalty – by dear Waldo.
I am posting this photo I took of him yesterday
while I was busy capturing Peacock Park’s new arrivals for the blog.
He waited patiently for me to finish so we could go and play.
For more than two hours and 48 photographs later!
At the end of the day, play is always a priceless reward for both of us.

A few years ago during one of my very first email conversations
with doll artist Lisa Johnson-Richards
regarding my vision for the ‘people’ for Peacock Park
I mentioned to her that I would like a princess to attend the christening celebration.

I added the princess to my wish list and last year Lisa gave life to her.
All my ideas eventually always grow themselves into a beanstalk.
How can the princess attend the christening on her own? I thought.
There had to be a prince…

I asked Lisa to create him in all his fairy tale like finery and have him waiting for his princess
at the end of the grand staircase
as she is slowly coming down the stairs like a whisper in the night.

I am sure you cannot wait to see her dress!

The charming prince can also not wait to meet her!
For the prince, I asked Lisa to take inspiration for his costume from
Chris Pine’s character in The Princess Diaries II and then make it her own.
Every detail that she knew I would love, was carefully added.

His Royal Highness Prince Frederick.

Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine.

For the princess, I envisioned Audrey Hepburn’s style and grace in Roman Holiday.
Again Lisa made it her own – she studied the movie character’s dress extensively
to capture what I saw in my minds eye.

She also had to keep in mind that I wanted the petite princess
to walk down the grand staircase
ever so gracefully just like a real princess.
It had to be a magical almost heart stopping moment when you see her for the first time.

Just look at her coming down the Peacock Park staircase.

The perfect moment.

Did you see the princess has a cute little admirer? William.

Beauty. Style. Grace. At Peacock Park.

Princess Madeleine at her most beautiful
entering the music room where the christening will take place…

I am sure by now you have noticed the beautiful unframed family portrait
behind William in a few of the photographs.

I had the showstopper painting commissioned for that space by Charles Johnson.
I asked Charles to capture the day when Edward and Lucille Darlington and their children
enjoyed a visit to the Royal Court.

The exquisite painting will cover the current opening for a window in the wall
and I hope to have it framed very soon in the most beautiful gilded ornate frame.

If you would like to get in touch with Charles regarding a commission,
then he can be contacted through his daughter Lisa at

Keeping the Magic of Miniatures alive! ©

‘Till we meet again.

Best wishes
– Francois –

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The Secret Celebration at Peacock Park – The First Glimpse

Dear Friends

Thank you kindly for your emails enquiring about another update on my blog
with regards to the progress of my dollhouse project – Peacock Park.
Things have been slowly coming together.

I still have a long and fun road ahead of me
capturing the celebration of one special day
in the lives of the Darlington family.

Today I would like to share my treasured additions
to a special room you have seen once before.
The Nursery.

Let me first take you back…

The nursery is the clue to the whole celebration I would like to showcase.

– August 2008 –

– June 2011 –

– A few weeks ago…celebrating the birth of the Royal Baby
at Petit Connoisseurs with the talents of Carrie Lavender & Anna Braun –

With the Royal Christening only days away now,
I have decided to tell you about my secret celebration at Peacock Park.
When I started this project,
I wanted to capture an event that will bring a family together
and will give me an opportunity to add special dolls over time.

First I thought of Christmas. I have the fondest memories of childhood Christmases.
Maybe a high society wedding. After all I had the staircase for the bride to appear on!
Even Easter came to mind. I could see children hunting for eggs in every room.
Over the years I have seen most of these holidays and celebrations showcased in collections.

This was a new beginning for me. I wanted to create something so special and beautiful.
Then, the idea of a christening came to me and entered my head
which is always working overtime when it comes to miniatures.
I am sure this is true for us all miniaturists?
This was a perfect idea which fit perfectly with my project!

Here are the first photographs of the christening at Peacock Park.

With much excitement I wrote to Lisa Johnson-Richards with my idea of a christening.
I knew she would understand my dream of capturing a tender moment
between a mother, father and their new born baby in the nursery
before they go downstairs to join the rest of the family for the christening celebration.

It had to be as special and as a masterful as a painting
that touches ones heart without saying any words.
An honest celebration of these two people’s love for each other.
This was my dream.

I appreciate that Lisa gives so much attention to detail in her work.
Throughout the creation of this new family,
I repeated myself to her with this one sentence in my correspondence
“Lisa, please don’t forget to add wedding bands!”,
thinking by myself she will think I have lost it
to worry about wedding rings on the hands of dolls!

After endless problems with a private courier company and their empty promises
to deliver the parcel containing the new family before Christmas Day last year,
I ended up driving to their depot on the afternoon of Christmas Eve to fetch my parcel.
Over an hours drive from my house!
Can you believe it?

I will leave you to enjoy the photographs and to let Lisa’s beautiful dolls tell the story further…

“till we meet again.

Best Wishes
– Francois –

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The Name of the Lucky Winner!

Congratulations Cindy!
You are the Lucky Winner of
Our Third Annual Easter Treasure Hunt!
The beautiful knitted set by Jenny Tomkins
will soon be on its way to you –
with love from Petit Connoisseurs.

Thank you to everyone for your loyal support.

Kind Regards
– Francois –

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Announcing Our Third Annual Easter Treasure Hunt!

Here is this year’s Easter Treasure and it could be yours!
Everyone can join in the fun – it is so easy to enter.
You have to be a Petit Connoisseurs Newsletter Subscriber.
If you have not join our list before, subscribe today
and I will keep you up to date with all the Petit Happenings.

The photograph of the Easter Treasure is hidden away
in one of the store categories of Petit Connoisseurs.
Once you have found the photograph of
Thomas and his Easter Train
filled with little knitted Easter Eggs,
send your answer – the name of the store category –
to francois@petitconnoisseurs.com

Thomas is about take the journey…

to find all the knitted Easter Eggs.

Let’s have a close look again at what you can win.

Thomas the bunny knitted by Jenny Tomkins…

plus all the little eggs Jenny so lovingly knitted…

as well as his Easter Train!
You will receive your treasure wrapped in heaven from us.

Start hunting today – you can enter until April 2nd, 2013.
I will announce the name of the lucky winner right here
on my blog as well as the PC facebook page on April 3rd, 2013.

Good luck to everyone and thank you for your support.
Let the hunt begin!

Kind Regards
– Francois –

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