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Happy Birthday Beatrix

Happy Birthday Beatrix

Every magical element of Beatrix Potter's world reminds me of why we love miniatures so much.

Our love for the artisan who creates something so tiny and with detailed excellence.

How these artisan creations help us to create make believe worlds - a replica of a place we love, an era where we wish we woke up every morning, something whimsical dreamed up by our imagination or even pure realism of life somewhere on a street.

Beatrix delights every generation with her timeless eye. The new Peter Rabbit movie has once again reminded us of her enduring world. No matter how fast we move forward today, we must always look for someone or something that still presents a genuine quality. That is true happiness.

For many years my Mum collected baby and children's items for a little boutique shop she made. She called it Jemima Puddle-Duck. I will show it to you one day as I am busy renovating the shop.

Elmarie Wood-Callander made the beautiful set of Beatrix's much loved characters in the photograph. Her hand painting is just simply incredible. Just look at their tiny faces.

Happy Birthday Beatrix and thank you for always reminding us with your talent that beauty is still around us.

'Till we meet again

- Francois -