The Petit Story So Far

Miniatures Made to Treasure


Petit Connoisseurs was founded in 2010 to establish a dollhouse miniatures online boutique showcasing artisan miniatures.


"Inspired by my heritage and my love of dollhouse miniatures, I wanted to create a magical place for fellow collectors to enjoy and appreciate this delicate artistry.

My curated collections represent the finest work of high quality dollhouse miniatures handmade by South African miniature artisans as well as artisans from across the globe.

I would love you to discover my miniature world of artisan created as well as one of a kind miniatures.

A special collection dedicated to magical finds offers you the once off opportunity to purchase beloved miniature treasures from estate dollhouse miniatures collections.

My promise to you is to always present a guaranteed feast for your eyes of the finest handmade artisan dollhouse miniatures.

A special thank you to all the fine talents I admire."

- Francois -