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A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

I remember the empty Lenci doll box with the frilly edged cut out window lid. A pretty box treasured by Mum. She gave it to me and it became a little room to display all the miniature items I have been collecting in a shoe box. Now I could admire my little collection through the cellophane window of the box lid. Adding new things and changing displays until it was just perfect. Like a window shop display.

I remember Sunday afternoons of window shopping with Mum and Dad. Somewhere in the late Seventies, early Eighties. Magical visits to departmental stores. I think that these very simple and pleasurable outings fired my natural feel for display and presentation. To think visual. A way for my imagination to communicate creatively as well.

I remember my Mum and miniatures. Always synonym with each other. Her love of miniatures. Her knowledge of artisans. Her good eye. Her own work. All the miniature shows over a period of twenty years, where she sold her work and admired other talents. 

I remember my childhood dream to become a set designer. To create make believe worlds.

I remember that Johannesburg Autumn of 2010. When I approached miniature artisans with my idea of Petit Connoisseurs - inspired by my memories and my heritage. A little business to celebrate miniature talent. To reach an appreciative audience of worldwide collectors thanks to the wonder of the internet.

Once again I welcome the beautiful dreamcoat that Autumn wears so well. Much as happened since that Autumn of 2010 but my love of miniatures has not tarnished. Admiring the Autumn colours earlier this week, I decided that it was time to literally turn a new leaf and give Petit a fresh look. A fresh start.

Please enjoy your visit and I would love to hear your favourite miniature memory.

'Till we meet again.

- Francois -